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John Rougeux

Hi, I’m John Rougeux. Flag and Frontier is a consultancy and resource hub I created to help executives in B2B tech pursue category design. To get the latest publications, subscribe here or follow me on LinkedIn.

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Contrasting shows

What is Category Design? A 5-Minute Overview

Category design is a business strategy that helps companies define the terms of competition in their favor. Here’s an easy way to think about it. Conventional business strategy focuses on capturing market share from competitors. Think about an army fighting its enemy over a piece of land. It’s a zero sum game where capturing more land means taking it away

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Lightning strike

Learn These 7 Lessons Before Your Next Lightning Strike

A good lightning strike is a core part of any good category design strategy. Its main job is to create a mental shift in the minds of your prospects. You want them to think differently about the problem you address and the solution you’ve created to solve it. Since we just executed our second lightning strike at BombBomb (our first

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Two people looking at map

How to Be a Category Designer (When You Don’t Work For One)

Every week or so I come across someone who loves the idea of category design but feels stuck because their current employer isn’t pursuing that strategy. It’s a bummer because as exciting and challenging as the work of category design can be, this way of thinking about business isn’t on the radar of most execs. And it’s not a strategy that every company should

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