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Hi, I'm John Rougeux. This is my blog about B2B branding and marketing strategy.

I currently lead marketing at Skyfii. Previously, I co-founded a B2B SaaS startup called Causely that was voted #1 Best Place to Work in Kentucky and later acquired. Read more about me here.

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How Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack Dominate Categories w/Bill Macaitis

Building a category-leading company involves so much more than the initial category design itself. It’s a continuous effort that requires you to constantly nurture and define your brand as your category evolves. That’s why I was so excited to interview Bill Macaitis on the #categorycreation series of the B2B Growth Show. Bill’s one of the most accomplished B2B SaaS marketers in the world, having

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How Hubspot Built The Inbound Marketing Category

Since I started co-hosting the #categorycreation series on the B2B Growth Show, I’ve had the chance to speak with some of the top thinkers around category design. And right up there at the top of the list is Kipp Bodnar, CMO of Hubspot. Hubspot is one of those companies that comes up in nearly every conversation about category design in

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This Gap In Airtable’s Marketing Strategy Is Holding It Back

What is Airtable and why isn’t everyone using it yet? Airtable combines the power of spreadsheets, databases, project management software, “no-code” apps, and collaboration tools into a very powerful and flexible tool. There are few Airtable alternatives, and six years after launch, it should be have reached mainstream adoption by now. But it hasn’t. Instead, it remains a product that’s

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