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The Newcomer's Guide to Category Design

The Newcomer’s Guide to Category Design

The Newcomer’s Guide to Category Design How and When to Shift Your Company’s Focus from “Capturing Market Share” to “Building a New Category” by John Rougeux Do you have an idea for a new product that doesn’t fall into any defined category? Have you been struggling to get traction or stand out from competitors in an existing category? This guide

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WWII plane

Skip An Internal Category Design Launch At Your Own Risk

Category design is warfare. You’re claiming new territory, and you need the means and the willpower to defend it. Indefinitely. With that in mind, have you considered if your team is ready for battle? In this post, I’m going to tell you why an internal category design launch is so important – and why skipping it might set you up

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Lightning strike

Learn These 7 Lessons Before Your Next Lightning Strike

A good lightning strike is a core part of any good category design strategy. Its main job is to create a mental shift in the minds of your prospects. You want them to think differently about the problem you address and the solution you’ve created to solve it. Since we just executed our second lightning strike at BombBomb (our first

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