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John Rougeux

Hi, I’m John Rougeux. I’m the VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb, where I’m primarily focused on the discipline of category design.

Flag & Frontier is where I share my thoughts how to be a better category designer. To learn what I’m learning, subscribe or follow me on LinkedIn.

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How to Talk to Your CEO About Category Design

I often hear people talk about category design as a “marketing strategy.” It’s easy to see why. Marketing often spearheads category design. And it affects that department as much as any other. But category design is actually a whole-company exercise. As such, it’s a strategy that only your CEO can decide to pursue. If you’re interested in category design and

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How to Define the Category Problem (+ 9 Acceptance Criteria)

Category design has one fundamental rule: you need to solve a new problem, or you need to solve an existing problem in a new way. That means that the problem your company chooses to address will serve as the foundation for all your category design efforts. Much of your product, marketing, and strategy decisions will hinge on this decision. Play

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