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John Rougeux

Hi, I’m John Rougeux. I’m the VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb, where I lead our category design efforts.

Flag and Frontier is a consultancy and resource hub I created to help executives in B2B tech pursue category design. To get the latest publications, subscribe here or follow me on LinkedIn.

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Does Category Design Require a Rebrand?

Since category design is such a foundational business strategy, it will impact most areas of your company (if not every nook and cranny). So it’s natural to wonder if category design means you need to go through a rebrand. The answer is… it depends. In this post, I’ll share my approach to figuring out the right path for you. But

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Creating a Category POV from Scratch? Here’s Where to Start.

As a category designer, your Point-of-View (or POV) is a critical document for your category design strategy. If you’ve read Play Bigger (the original book on category design), you already know that will inform nearly every aspect of your category design process. When done right, it shows your customers (and your employees, investors, partners, the press, etc.) the problems you

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What is Category Design? A 5-Minute Overview

Category design is a business strategy that helps companies define the terms of competition in their favor. Here’s an easy way to think about it. Conventional business strategy focuses on capturing market share from competitors. Think about an army fighting its enemy over a piece of land. It’s a zero sum game where capturing more land means taking it away

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