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John Rougeux

Hi, I’m John Rougeux. I’m the VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb, where I lead our category design efforts.

Flag and Frontier is a consultancy and resource hub I created to help executives in B2B tech pursue category design. To get the latest publications, subscribe here or follow me on LinkedIn.

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How to Turn a Category POV into a WSJ Bestseller

What’s worse than a weak point-of-view (POV) for your category? A great POV that no one hears about. For category design to work, your category POV has to be out in the world, evangelizing a position on behalf of your brand. It needs to elicit a response from customers – not collect dust in some forgotten Dropbox folder. That’s why

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Category Design Is a Business Strategy You Can’t Ignore [Video]

If you’re a growth-oriented leader who wants to help your business break free of crowded markets and avoid commoditization, then I want to share this presentation with you. A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Empower B2B conference about a business strategy called category design. What is category design exactly? It’s an approach that helps companies define

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What is Category Design? A 5-Minute Overview

Category design is a business strategy that helps companies define the terms of competition in their favor. Here’s an easy way to think about it. Conventional business strategy focuses on capturing market share from competitors. Think about an army fighting its enemy over a piece of land. It’s a zero sum game where capturing more land means taking it away

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