The Newcomer’s Guide to Category Design

The Newcomer's Guide to Category Design

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The Newcomer's Guide to Category Design

Do you have an idea for a new product that doesn’t fall into any defined category? Have you been struggling to get traction or stand out from competitors in an existing category?

If so, download your copy of The Newcomers Guide to Category Design. Now

This isn’t some 2-page throwaway guide I put together in a lame attempt to get leads.

It’s a 44-page book that’s based on dozens of hours of interviews with legendary category designers such as David Cancel, Bill Macaitis, Mike Volpe, Andy Cunningham, Dave Gerhardt, Ryan Bonnici, Andy Raskin, and many others. Plus, personal lessons I’ve learned from implementing category design myself at BombBomb

Oh, and don’t forget the foreword from the category design godfather himself, Christopher Lochhead. 

He called this guide “the right shit.”

Download now to learn:

  • Expert advice from 30+ real-world category designers
  • 6 questions you can ask yourself to see if your team is ready for category design
  • The 4-phases of bringing a new category to life
  • Why getting your CEO on board is the most important thing (and how to do it)
  • The exact internal launch plan we used at BombBomb to get our entire team excited about and involved in the process 

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