The Physical Therapist Who Built a $100M SaaS Company

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What if your doctor told you that she was going to build a $100MM SaaS company?

Sounds crazy.

But that’s exactly what Heidi Jannenga did.

Heidi is the co-founder and president of WebPT, a category-defining SaaS company in the physical therapy space.

She’s not a programmer, had no startup experience, and never came near business school – but none of that stopped her.

I wanted to find out how Heidi did it, so I interviewed her for part 2/4 of my category creation series on the #FlipMyFunnel podcast.

Listen in, and you’ll hear Heidi share…

  • Why category-defining companies look to solve problems that no one else has solved before
  • How Heidi was able to build a company while continuing to run her medical practice
  • Her perspective on how to design and dominate a new category
Listen below, or find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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John Rougeux

John Rougeux has helped multiple companies through the category design process. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Get the newsletter that will help you become a better category designer.

About the Author


John Rougeux is VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

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