How Drift Uses Category Design to Drive Growth w/David Cancel

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If you’ve paid any attention to the B2B SaaS space, you’ve probably heard how Drift is one of the fastest-growing companies of all time.

But how does Drift do it?

There’s no silver bullet, but a big part of their success comes from adopting a business and marketing strategy called category design.

Drift isn’t the only company that’s tried to design a new category, but they are one of the best examples of a team that pulled it off well.

In my conversation with Drift’s CEO, David Cancel, he and I took a dive into the deep end and covered all sorts of ground on category design.

Listen in to hear David lay down some mean wisdom, like:

  • Why we are in the third phase of SaaS (hint: it has to do with shampoo)
  • How to build a team around a category design strategy
  • Why branding is still undervalued in the B2B tech space
Listen below, or find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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John Rougeux

John Rougeux is a Partner at Category Design Advisors. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Get the newsletter that will help you become a better category designer.

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John Rougeux is VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

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