BlockSpaces Case Study: Using Category Design to Align Team Direction

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As a growing technology company, BlockSpaces was facing a critical challenge: how to communicate the value of their software integration platform to investors, partners, and potential customers. The platform was designed to solve the problem of using blockchain technology at scale, which had previously been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for enterprise companies. But without a clear and compelling narrative, the company risked a lack of investment and a misaligned product roadmap.

Building A Clearer Picture Using Category Design Thinking

I was brought on to help the founding team use category design thinking to create a north star guide for their product strategy and marketing. Through a series of exercises and team-based discussions, we identified the root problem BlockSpaces was solving for customers: “Web3 chaos.” We then flipped the multiple facets of this problem into solutions our target customers needed, resulting in a much clearer picture of what the integration platform needed to do and not do.

Using category design thinking, we crafted a new “point-of-view” (POV) for the company – a strategic narrative that told a powerful story about the transformation we were going to make possible for enterprises. We called this new type of solution “multiweb”: technology that facilitates integrations among Web3 protocols, Web 2.0 applications, and any future iterations of Internet-based technologies. This new POV transformed the way the company made decisions internally and communicated with others.

A Strong POV Is Helping The Company Move Forward

As a result, BlockSpaces has been able to maintain and even increase interest among venture capitalists during a major downturn in the crypto and blockchain industry. We’ve attracted major financial institutions, a top 5 global consultancy, and technology providers as early users of our platform. Furthermore, this new POV gave our team the courage we needed to realign our product roadmap to focus more on our long-term goals, and it helped us solidify the need for a key relationship with a technology partner critical to bringing our category to life.

Now, BlockSpaces is on track to challenge the way blockchain is used in the enterprise and become a critical part of any business that wants to solve problems with this new technology.

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John Rougeux

John Rougeux has helped multiple companies through the category design process. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Get the newsletter that will help you become a better category designer.

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John Rougeux is VP Marketing Strategy at BombBomb. Connect with John on LinkedIn.

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