How to Talk to Your CEO About Category Design

I often hear people talk about category design as a “marketing strategy.” It’s easy to see why. Marketing often spearheads category design. And it affects that department as much as any other. But category design is actually a whole-company exercise. As such, it’s a strategy that only your CEO can decide to pursue. If you’re

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Why Category Creators Need to Nail Positioning w/Andy Cunningham

What’s one of the most mis-understood terms in marketing right now? The answer: POSITIONING. I hear this word thrown around all the time, but most of the time, it’s off the mark. But the thing is, how you’re positioned has huge ramifications for everything else that happens in your marketing funnel. Not understanding what positioning is (or

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The Category Name Matters Less Than You Think w/Ryan Bonnici

Equating “category creation” with having an “official” category on a site like G2, Gartner, or TrustRadius seems like common sense. But they’re actually different things. “Category creation” (or my preferred term category design) is about building a market where one previously didn’t exist. It’s more about showing the world a new way of thinking. Of making

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How Category Designers Build Movements w/Mike Volpe

How many different business models are there? Well, according to Mike Volpe, there are just two. You can either create a new category… Or you can carve out a niche in an existing one. Mike would know–he’s actually pursued both strategies. While he’s pursuing a “niche” marketing strategy as CEO of,  Mike helped built

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Category Design Isn’t Just for Startups

Category design isn’t just a business strategy reserved for startups. Take a SaaS company called Narrative Science. They’ve spent nearly ten years playing in the “Natural Language Generation” space. While they’ve seen some solid success, some major plans on their product roadmap recently forced them to rethink how they were positioned. Now, Anna Schena, Director

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Why Your Company Needs A Strategic Story w/Andy Raskin

What’s the most effective way to stand out in a crowded market? Having the “best” technology? Access to the biggest ad budget? Pulling off some amazing “growth hack?” Nope. It’s something deeper than that. It’s the foundation that underpins classics like Toy Story, The Terminator, and Hamlet. It’s how people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and

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