The 4-Step Category POV Process – Part I: Problem Thesis

When a business has a novel idea, there’s one challenge that almost inevitably follows: communicating the importance of that idea to potential customers, investors, and employees seems to require a herculean level of effort. Founders suffer especially from this challenge. They’re so close to the product that they lose sight of the big picture, and

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BlockSpaces Case Study: Using Category Design to Align Team Direction

As a growing technology company, BlockSpaces was facing a critical challenge: how to communicate the value of their software integration platform to investors, partners, and potential customers. The platform was designed to solve the problem of using blockchain technology at scale, which had previously been prohibitively expensive and time-consuming for enterprise companies. But without a

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How to Turn a Category POV into a WSJ Bestseller

What’s worse than a weak point-of-view (POV) for your category? A great POV that no one hears about. For category design to work, your category POV has to be out in the world, evangelizing a position on behalf of your brand. It needs to elicit a response from customers – not collect dust in some

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